Adventures in Absinthe & Architecture Around Neuchâtel, Switzerland

After four years of sticking mostly to the Balkans while exploring Europe, I recently decided to shake things up and head back to the westside to see what lesser-known and/or […]

Gypsy Guide to Hiking & Horsing Around in Jyrgalan, Kyrgyzstan 

If you follow a lot of bloggers, you may have noticed this past summer it seemed like everyone and their mom was invited to explore Kyrgyzstan as an up-and-coming adventure tourism […]

Karaoke in Karakol & Other Things That’ll Blow Your Mind Around Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan

It’s big, it’s warm, it’s salty, – and it’s by far one of Kyrgyzstan’s top tourist attractions. Talking about none other than Issyk Kul.

Taking Time With Nikola Tesla – Visit To The Tesla Museum & Belgrade’s First Themed Hotel

Whether you’re familiar with him or not, Nikola Tesla is a name you are likely to hear as soon as you arrive in Belgrade. The capital’s international airport is named […]

A Tara Canyon Experience Like No Other at Grab Ethno Village, Montenegro

I had heard rumors about this place called Grab Ethno Village and Camp aka Camp Grab from other Balkan connoisseurs….a secluded nature resort unlike most camps along the river Tara, the […]

Durres & Berat – Albania’s Historical Gems

As two of the oldest cities in Albania, Durres and Berat both have their own fascinating history and are less than two hours away from Tirana, making them a perfect choice […]

A Day Trip to Fruška Gora & Novi Sad, Serbia

As the largest capital city in the Western Balkans, one is not at a loss for things to do while in Belgrade; however, if time permits, there are some wonderful day trips to be had starting with a journey out to Fruška Gora and Novi Sad.

Six Things You Shouldn’t Miss (But Might) in Prishtina, Kosovo

Prishtina can often feel overwhelming and underwhelming all at once for any first-time visitor. From the kitsch Americana tributes and the endless concrete apartment blocks to the unexpected liveliness you […]

Kruševo, Macedonia’s Hidden Hideaway

Kruševo, a magical little mountaintop town in western Macedonia, is a place that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves. At 1,350 meters above sea level, it’s the […]

Five reasons to visit Pančevo, Serbia

Just a hop, skip, and a drive over the Danube 13 kilometers north-east from Belgrade is the fourth largest city in Serbia’s autonomous province of Vojvodina: Pančevo. Due to its […]

Day Tripping from Prishtina, Kosovo

While Prishtina may be one of the most energetic capital cities in the Balkans, in terms of typical tourist attractions, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high because you […]

Getting Down with Guča, Western Serbia

Hidden in the hills of Western Serbia, in a region called Dragačevo, about 23km from Čačak, is a tiny town that you may have never heard about, but a town […]

Some Peace & Urbex on Lake Prespa, Macedonia

The Balkans can be an intense place to live, but what I absolutely love about the region are how many beautiful spots there are to escape for a quick recharge […]

Heaven on Earth: Karaburun Peninsula, Albania

A wise Albanian from Kosovo once told me that if heaven on earth exists, then it’s found on Karaburun… Holding the esteemed title of ‘the largest peninsula in Albania’, Karaburun […]

A Birdwatcher’s Paradise: Vlorë, Albania

Vlorë, on the central coast of Albania, is a place that upon first glance might not seem all that appealing to spend much time in comparison to some of the […]

Scenes from a Day Trip to the Cape of Rodon, Albania

Some people take themselves shopping on their birthday, some people throw big parties, some people eat cake, some people sit in their rooms and cry. I like to treat myself […]

Climbing the Great Wall of Europe in Ston, Croatia

Hidden just off the main highway 60 kilometers north of Dubrovnik at the entrance to the Pelješac Peninsula is a tiny town called Ston that possesses one of Croatia’s biggest […]

Via Dinarica: Touring Around Trebinje and Ljubinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Coming in just a couple dozen kilometers shy of full circle from where I began my journey in Dubrovnik, Trebinje was my final destination along the Via Dinarica Blue Trail where […]

Via Dinarica: Exploring Ravno, Neum, and the Beaches of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Perhaps one of Europe’s biggest secrets that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around until I actually went and explored it in the flesh sand, is that Bosnia & Herzegovina […]

Roadtripping in Northeast Macedonia: Kokino, Kriva Palanka & Kratovo

Like ecstasy is to an electronic musical festival, so is having a rental car in Macedonia. Sure, you can still have a wonderful time traveling around the country using its […]