It very well could be.

Heard that Malmöfestivalen was one of the biggest parties in Sweden so of course I had to see for myself. The Öresund Bridge made my journey from Copenhagen to Malmö a breeze, taking only about 25 minutes. It is the longest road and rail bridge-tunnel in Europe (it is approximately 10 miles long) connecting Denmark and Sweden, and has one of the longest cable-stayed main spans in the world, at 1608 feet.

Malmö is located in the county of Skåne, also referred to as the “Swedish Riviera”, and is Sweden’s third largest (and most overlooked) city. It has also been recognized as Sweden’s most eco-friendly city becoming the country’s first “Fairtrade City” in 2006, and also being home to the world’s third largest wind park. They must be taking notes from Copenhagen which also has quite a “green” reputation.

I have visited Malmö once before, but only for the day, so I was really happy to hear that my friends would be playing this year at its famous festival and I was invited. Actually, the entire thing is free so everyone was invited. However, this invitation was very special because Malmö happens to be their hometown so I would have a free place to stay for the last two days of the event and the best tour guides at my disposal.


Malmöfestivalen is one of Sweden’s largest and most popular festivals of the year. During the third week of August, the center of the city is taken over by this massive party. Day and night, for one week straight, people celebrate food, music, culture and all things local and Swedish. Theatre, music, street performance, comedy, dance, exhibitions, sports, film are just a few of the activities offered. It is a great mix of performances with local bands taking turns on the stage alongside world-famous artists. Lady Sovereign, Timbuktu, El Perro del Mar, Miss Li, Rigmor Gustafsson and The Embassy were some of bigger name performers this year. Oh yeah, and The Sounds. If you haven’t heard of them, you should check them out and buy all their records. They rocked the party.

Truth be told, my list of things to do while in Malmö went out the window within the first hour I was there. Between all the live performances, pre-parties, after parties and VIP parties…I was exhausted! Although I am a little disappointed I didn’t get more acquainted with the city, or catch a glimpse of the infamous Turning Torso and “reclaimed” waterfront, I did party like it was Malmöfestivalen 2009, and that is something special in and of itself which only comes once a year, so I guess I can forgive myself this time.