Went to Nikala, a Georgian food restaurant, in Kiev last night. It was my first experience with Georgian food and it was a great success.

ღორის ქადა Salati (salad)

Just your average salad but with crushed walnuts which adds a nice touch.

ხაჭაპური Khachapuri (cheese bread)

OH MY GOD! I will be craving this thing forever. I want to…no, I NEED to have this at least once a week for the rest of my life. It looks like a pizza, and it kind of tastes like a pizza, but it is sooooo much better than a pizza.

ხინკალი Khinkali (dumplings)

Just dumplings filled with spiced meat and juices (sometimes they come with mushrooms or cheese on the inside). There is a special technique to eating them which I haven’t yet perfected. After taking your first bite you need to suck all the broth out. If any drips down, you fail. You’re supposed to leave the pointy part when you are finished…the person with the most “kudi” wins.