Sitting on the bus to Brasov from Chișinău and am not feeling so hot. I’d let this Romanian dude next to me let me lay my head on his shoulder if he weren’t talking so obnoxiously loud to this equally obnoxious German dude. The only mildly entertaining thing has been Romanian dude bringing up the whole Hitler topic and awkwardly and honestly asking German dude if he was a Nazi. Now they are drinking whiskey together.

Seriously hope I can refrain from puking all over the place because these roads are windy as shit and I think I’m severely dehydrated and/or malnourished. The food at the wedding was pretty tasty after champagne and several vodkas, but nothing that I would describe as a “healthy choice”. On top of that, they seemed to have run out of water around midnight. Just vodka and cognac left. Then this morning when I woke up and went to the kitchen to look for some water for hydration and leftover platzcinta for my hangover (a greasy bread dish stuffed with brinza cheese), Lena’s babushka insisted that it would be better if we drank some of her home brewed wine together instead. God I’m such a pushover. Anyway, regretting it now.

Bus ride to Brasov is 10-11 hours. Left Gare du Sud in Chișinău at 7pm and will arrive 5-6am.

Just to sum it up for anyone who might be interested in making any leg of this journey:

31 ($3) Lei to take a jam packed mini bus from Căuşeni to Chișinău

190 ($18) Lei for the bus ticket from Chișinău to Brasov

100 ($9) Lei for multiple and unintentional cab rides around Chișinău. Not sure why such a small city needs 3 bus stations, but they do. And now I’ve been to them all.

See you in Romania!