To celebrate the “coming out” of my new blog and a proper URL, I decided to dedicate a post to 7 other blonde gypsies that I have recently discovered by way of Google search or out on the road (but mostly through Google search). This is great news because I was really starting to feel alone in the world, a blonde gypsy with no tribe to relate. Well, not only have I found others, but it looks like I’ve got way more in common with them than just blonde hair. Let’s meet them…

1) La Caraque Blonde

That’s “The Blonde Gypsy” in French and a film made by Jacqueline Audry in 1954. This one I am really excited about but have been too busy trying to figure out what a Sticky Post in WordPress is to watch it yet. Here’s what I read about it on NY Times:

Jacqueline Audry, the director of the 1948 hit Gigi, called the shots on 1954’s La Caraque Blonde (The Blonde Gypsy). Tilda Thamar plays the title character, a voluptuous golden-haired gypsy lass named Myra. Rising to fame as a dancer, Myra soon finds herself trapped by her celebrity. She decides to don a brunette wig and travel about incognito — but just for a while. While thus disguised, Myra falls head over tambourine in love with handsome rice planter Antoine (Roger Pigaut). Their future happiness is threatened by the mean-spirited Pedro (Gerard Landry), Myra’s blackmailing ex-lover. La Caraque Blonde was filmed in the Camarque district, the French equivalent to Chatsworth, California in terms of its overuse on the screen. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

From what I gather, it seems like this film will be right up my alley and possibly a future experiment I could conduct? Traveling around as a blonde or brunette—which is more fun.

2) Latcho & Andrea: The Blond Gypsies

This finding is pretty exciting as well. Latcho and Andrea are two blonde gypsies who first came together in Europe while both performing in a traveling Wild West show—he was the fire eating medicine man, and she, an Indian dancer. Imagine things got pretty hot and stayed hot as they are still a duo after 30 years.

So what do we have in common? Well, they now live and perform together in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I lived and performed for a short period of time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as well back in 2001. It was for a week and under the pretense of a “senior class trip”.

3) Der Blonde Zigeuner—The Blonde Gypsy

Carol Balan was a famous violinist known as The Blonde Gypsy. Unfortunately I don’t know how to play any instruments. He was also a man and from Romania. But hey guess what? I’ve been to Romania!

4) Gypsy Blonde Media

Not only do we share two of the same words in our moniker, but she is also into travel writing and photography. Of course her story is much more inspiring than mine and the media empire she’s created much more professional. Nevertheless, we both have wanderlust in our hearts and blame it on owe it all to our parents.

Oh yeah, and we are both natural blondes, although our “hues” are a bit different from what I can see. Mine is one that can only be achieved by some Scandinavian gene that I’m not sure they have identified, or by frequent trips to the hair salon. Mine is accomplished through the latter but promise still in the natural blonde family. See photo below for proof.

5) Blonde Gypsy from Facebook

She has a limited profile so I can’t creep that much but looks like she is in fact blonde. She’s also from California, likes hugging & chocolate chip cookies, single and interested in men. Could she be my long lost twin?

6) Blonde gypsy stock photos

 Actually, I don’t think I have anything in common with most of these ladies except blonde hair. Oh well. Great resource for anyone who is in the market for $2-$10 stock photos of “blonde gypsies”…

7) A real-life blonde gypsy

And finally, this is a special one. It’s an old photo of a distant relative of the Gabor gypsy family I stayed with when I was in Romania. If this doesn’t prove my point that there are other blonde gypsies out there, I don’t know what will.


Hours after this post went to press I caught wind from my sources in Serbia that another blonde gypsy exists that I should know about.

8) Plave Ciganko

That is The Blonde Gypsy in Serbian and is the title of a very romantic song performed by Mile Kitic. The video is a tad confusing. Ok, it’s creepy. But awesome, looks like the Balkans is a region I must get back to if I want to make connections with more of my people.