I’ve been back in California for a couple weeks now and things have been kind of crazy to say the least. Lots of family obligations, lots of catching up to do with friends, and oh yeah, there’s that thesis I’m supposed to be working on.

As a result, today’s throwback is going to be short, sweet and simple.  I’m taking you back to where this all started: Hawaii 1984.

This is me and my mom on some beach in Hawaii (sorry, I can’t recall which one) back in 1984; it was my first travel experience EVER. I was 9 months old, blonde, and having a great time doing whatever it is I was doing there.  Not much longer after this photo was taken, I’d find myself in the same stroller only being pushed all around Europe. And so it began…
To my wonderful parents, there should be no doubt in your mind (and I don’t think there is) where the Blonde Gypsy originated from. You have inspired and encouraged my curiosity and wanderlust since day one and for this I will be forever grateful <3
Hope to be back on track by next week! Have a great weekend :)