One of the coolest things about being in Malmö towards the end of August is Malmöfestivalen. It’s a huge festival/party that lasts a week with various activities and concerts happening all around the city. This happens in quite a few other Swedish cities as well, but in my opinion, Malmö’s is the best (not biased AT ALL).
I missed last year’s festival because I was in Ukraine, but today’s throwback is from the one before, in 2010, when my friends and I decided to walk down to Stortorget (literally “big square”) to watch Miike Snow.
Just like that.

See, that’s what is cool about the festival. Things are happening non-stop for one week straight. You don’t need tickets for anything so you just show up if you want, when you want. Other bands playing that year were Band of Horses, Against Me!, Shout Out Louds, Teddybears, and Booka Shade. Miike Snow was my favorite though which is why this post is all about them. Also, am obsessed with their new album right now.

So yeah, we found out literally 20 minutes before the show started that they were playing that day so we tried to get there as fast as we could thinking it would be packed and no good places to stand. They are from Sweden, Stockholm, so of course fans would be going craziest here, right? Wrong. That’s not how Sweden works unless maybe you are Robyn or ABBA (are they even still around?).

As soon as we got there I just walked right up to the front. Probably could have even walked backstage but I wasn’t in the mood for those kinds of shenanigans on that particular day. It was a pretty good show although I’ll tell you what, I think they’d sound best in some small, dark club. Someday.

Here’s an entertaining video and a few photos. It starts getting REAL GOOD at 2:23 (right side).