Oh sweet Midsummer, how I love thee. So much so that I have decided to make some videos about you!


This is the first installment of my Midsummer in Sweden video series – starring me and my friends. Almost forgot how much fun it is to make videos on my iPhone and now that I have the 4s, the quality is so much better. I said quality, not technique. If there is anything I learned over the weekend it’s that I need to a) work on my skills as a host and b) HOLD THE CAMERA STILL. And straight. I blame the snaps.

Just a couple endnotes:

1. The location is at my friend Fidde’s cottage in Grötsjön (literally “porridge lake”) about 2 hours northwest of Malmö.

2. It’s pronounced schnaps, not snaps, and basically means SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS of herbal 40% alcohol.

3. I picked seven flowers to put under my pillow so that I would dream about my future husband, or so they say. Go figure I didn’t have any dreams that night.

4. We were on a lake, not a delta (see #1). That’s whatever it was.

5. I’ve switched over to Vimeo. Still trying to figure out if it was a good choice.

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