Let me just start off by saying I am by no means an expert on the subject of beauty procedures and/or make-up but I am a girl who dabbles in both. Since I travel frequently I’ve found that maintaining a usual beauty routine can get tough when you’re in a different city/country every few days which is why I decided to compile this mini-list of tips and products that I use for keeping up my appearance (which may or may not always work) while on the road.



Water is a superstar when it comes to health and beauty so I always make sure I drink at least 2 liters a day wherever I am. Making sure you are hydrated enough can improve the condition of you skin, hair and nails tremendously. It’s probably the cheapest and easiest beauty product you can find yet sometimes the easiest to forget about when you’re out roaming the planet.

Bold makeup

I can verify that there are some complexions they just don’t suit, but I do think a vast majority of girls are able to pull off bold looks and colors if they want to. For me a bright color on my lips is an easy way to dress an otherwise drab outfit up when I’m not carrying many accessories or just to  feel a little sassier after (or during) a long day of travel. I’m a huge fan of MAC’s lipsticks and my personal favorites are Russian Red, Girl About Town, Rebel and Impassioned.

Dry shampoo

I don’t know about you, but I hate washing my hair when traveling – especially when I am in a hostel. That is why I thank the heavens above (or some scientist in France) every time I travel for creating dry shampoo so that I can go an extra day or so without having to spend 30 minutes washing and blow drying my hair. So convenient when you’d rather be spending all the time that you can exploring a new place. My favorite is Batiste Boho.


Utilize beauty schools or training programs at hair salons

Perhaps the greatest challenge for gypsies who are blonde is staying golden or platinum while on the road. Latest case in point happened about 5 weeks ago when I was in London for World Travel Market. I was just days away from taking off for the Balkans where I knew it might be trickier to find a place to get my hair did. I was also dying for a good pedicure and a facial since they cost like three times what they should here in Sweden. So I went on a Google hunt to see where people went for reasonably priced spa days in London and where cheap London hairdressers could be found.

Most of the top results were beauty schools and salons where students were doing the work so services did indeed cost a fraction of the price. I ended up going with this place in Notting Hill called 10500. It is an actual salon but has 4 levels of prices with “junior stylists”, essentially stylists straight out of beauty school, being the cheapest option. Ended up walking away a blonde gypsy once again for only 40 pounds and I have to say she did a great job. To be honest, a lot of those guys and girls are probably more careful than experienced ones so don’t write them off too quickly.


Shop second hand

After about 2-3 weeks on the road I already want to burn every single item in my suitcase because I’ve run out of all the ways I can wear them. Assuming I’ve got room in my suitcase and a bit of extra spending money, I like to hit up the second hand shops of a city. Finding a gem of a piece is that much more special when it is done in a foreign land and at a super cheap price.

By the way, instead of burning my clothes I sometimes just give them away to a charity shop if they are really getting on my nerves and/or I need to make room in my suitcase for new purchases. Don’t ever throw anything away unless it is completely unwearable – there are tons of peeps who could use that stuff.

What beauty products can you not live without while traveling? How do you keep it fresh in light of limited space in your suitcase?