San Marino “claims” to be the oldest state in Europe, but what does that even mean? Ricky Martin claimed he wasn’t gay for years and we all saw how that turned out. Somehow I believe San Marino though…

Regardless of whether they are the oldest or not, the fact still remains that they have done a hell of a job maintaining their independence throughout the centuries – very impressive. We’re talking only being occupied twice and for very short periods during its 1,700 year history.

Aside from Andorra, it is also the only other mini European republic that I haven’t been to yet (Monaco, Vatican City, Lichtenstein – done).

Why do I want to go?

 And that is all.

Where will I go?

Where will I not go? The country is only 24 square miles, easily coverable in one day. No wonder it is such a popular day trip destination and with only 5 things to do there, I could probably even conquer it in an hour.

I’m kind of done with day trips though. I would love to stay a few nights to get a real feel for the place. That and also because not many other tourists do. There has to be more than 5 things to do there and I fully intend on discovering them. Even if there’s not, I think the views alone from the hilltop will keep me plenty occupied. Look at how beautiful it is… (special thanks to Gary Arndt for letting me share his photo)

How will I go?

Mount Titano looks like a place you’d want to roll up to on horseback, but I think I would take a bus from Rimini like a vast majority of San Marino’s visitors do. It only takes 45 minutes and costs € 4.50 one-way.  

Have you been to San Marino? How good is that Valentina Monetta song?