This post has been a long time coming and most definitely not going to be the last of its kind. As a half-Russian, I was pretty much born with a fondness for alcoholic beverages so it’s rare that I will pass through a country without having a drink. This has led me to amass a fortune of cocktail recipes in my head from all my travels and now I’ve decided it’s time for me to share some of them with you. Cheers!

Blonde Gypsy Cognac


Gypsy Rosé

It’s an unfortunate situation when one can’t find rosé on a wine list, but I’ve come up with a simple solution to this regardless of where you are in the world. A solution that often gets some strange looks and/or heckles, but if you don’t have rosé on your menu then the joke is actually on you.

gypsy rose

1 glass/bottle of red wine

1 glass/bottle of white wine

Mix to your liking



 This particular mixture is quite popular in Sweden, particularly in Stockholm, particularly in summer, and particularly amongst Svennebanans – a common breed of Swedish douchebag that is pretty accurately portrayed in the video below.

Winemakers in the villages of Provence would probably be up in arms if they knew this was happening, but the drink that I have dubbed the “Svennebanan” is basically just rosé wine mixed with Fanta. It’s not something I support, but it is something you should be aware of in case you encounter it on a trip to Sweden. Just say no unless you intend on turning into a German Hurricane.

3/4 glass of rosé

1/4 glass of Fanta (orange)


German Hurricane

Basically all of my favorite things combined. The German Hurricane was created by yours truly whilst on tour with The Sounds in Germany a couple of summers ago. It was the end of a long day at the Hurricane Festival, rosé reserves were just about tapped and we didn’t want the party to end so…

the german hurricane

1/2 glass of dry rosé wine

2-3 shots of Absolut vodka

A minimal splash of Fanta (orange) 

Do not mix, drop in 5 cubes of ice


Flaming Ukrainian

I actually just made that name up for this cocktail I grew quite fond of on my first visit to Ukraine. Pretty clever, no? Sounds odd if you haven’t given spicy vodka a chance, but believe me, it’s вкусна (tasty) and potent!

Flaming Ukrainian

1/2 glass of pepper vodka

1/2 glass of grapefruit juice



Or a “pie”, is a pretty popular shot to order in a place like Odessa, Ukraine

pirog Odessa, Ukraine

Generous shot of vodka

Splash of apple juice

Sprinkle of cinnamon

(This is served as a shot but can also be turned into a cocktail by tripling the recipe and adding ice)


Orange Speedo

While on holiday in St. Lucia with my people, this cock-tail was born. Don’t really have much to say about it, but I can show you what inspired it.


A shitload of rum (preferably Bounty or some other type of indigestible Caribbean island “specialty”)

Just enough tropical fruit juice to numb your tastebuds’ pain

Thumb or index finger-sized slice of banana positioned like so

Orange Speedo


I Vana Party

Also just made up the name for this delicious Estonian delight. Personally I like to drink Vana Tallinn straight up because I am rugged like that, but for those who prefer mixed drinks, this one is for you.

Vana Tallinn

1/2-3/4 glass of Vana Tallinn

1/2-1/4 glass of Coke or Diet Coke


Ahoj Ahoj Ahoj

Sounds and looks so innocent, but actually this is a popular shot to order in and around one of the dirtiest streets in Europe, the Reeperbahn. Who knew Hamburg was such a party monster?

Reeperbahn Hamburg

Ahoi shots Germany

Pour 1 packet of Ahoi into your mouth

Pour 1 shot of unflavored vodka into your mouth

Shout “Ahoj, ahoj, ahoj!”


Remember to always drink responsibly, especially while traveling in foreign lands. While alcohol can at times be your best friend when it comes to connecting with new people, it can also be your worse enemy if consumed with reckless abandon in unfamiliar territory.  To be continued!