There are certain travel experiences that are simply indescribable because no words could ever do them justice.

My first time being on the tundra in Samiland (near Nuorgam in northern Finland if you are looking for it on a map), is one of these experiences for me. I could sit here and try to write about, but I’d never be able to fully convey what an incredible/mind blowing experience it actually was.

Reindeer herding Samiland

I think what was so special about it was that it was 100% authentic, not an impersonal and mass-produced excursion that is common in the more touristed parts of Lapland like Rovaniemi, Ivalo and Inari. I literally tagged along on what was just another day on the job for my new Sami reindeer herder friend, Aslat-Jon Lánsman.

Reindeer herding in Samiland

All I can say is if you are planning on visiting Lapland go as far north and as possible.

And this is why.


Thanks to Aslat-Jon and Utsjoki Tourism for making this happen for me. If you are having a hard time viewing this video, try this link.

 Music in the above video is Shadows by Midnight Juggernauts and was shot + edited entirely on my iPhone 4s.