Oh, life. Just when I thought the summer couldn’t get any better you send me one more invitation too good to be true to put my travel/party skills to use…

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that in one month’s time, yours truly will be party yachting in Croatia with SailingHR

The Blonde Gypsy and SailingHR Party Yachting

Just as it’s no secret that exploring Croatia a bit further is something that I have wanted to do (especially its islands), it’s also no secret that getting down with a great party and having a good time is a favorite hobby of mine. Put the two together and it’s going to be a match made in party yachting heaven come Week 29 (July 12-19) down in ol’ Dalmatia. Seven days of fun in the sun filled with organized events, amazing beaches, secret coves, and Ultra Europe – the Euro version of Ultra, the global electronic music festival, held in Split. It’s going to be sexy.

SailingHR Sailing Route

It’s also going to be local which is one of my main motivations for taking part in this. As you can imagine there are a whole gaggle of tour operators in this part of the world organizing similar experiences, but I’m stoked to have been invited by one that is owned and operated by locals who have been organizing Croatian sailing trips in some form or another for almost 15 years.

Another great thing about this particular company that you probably want to know about is they offer 3 & 4 day trips for those travelers who just want a taste and it’s also “ladies night” all season long. Yes, ladies – you get 50% off of all trips, all the time.


This was a very unexpected, last-minute addition to my summer travel itinerary (surprise, surprise), but I’m going for it. Full speed ahead.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get down there and share the experience with you in all the ways that I can as there is no doubt it’s going to be crazy times and straight up stunning to see – so be on the lookout.

Idemo, Hrvatska – I’m ready for Round 3! 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmSKk4BVtZc]