The Blonde Gypsy

Travel addict, iPhone photographer, Balkan connoisseur and Master of Europe. Welcome to my life.

Hi, I’m Larissa aka The Blonde Gypsy. I have been traveling my entire life but it has only been within the past couple of years that the idea of blogging about it entered my mind. I’m not a RTW traveler (although I have been around the world), I didn’t sell off all my belongings or give up a home (at the moment they are scattered between various countries and continents, belongings and “homes”), and I have never traveled with a backpack nor a strict budget in mind. Had I done any of these things, maybe minus the backpack, I might be considered your average travel blogger.

While traveling is my main obsession, I also love music, fashion, and photography (especially iPhone photography). They are all sexy things that I believe compliment each other incredibly well and I hope that will become apparent on this blog–a collision of travel, photography & culture.

Originally from California, I am currently back and forth between there and Europe where I recently completed a Master of Arts in European Studies and have been traveling around the continent like it’s nobody’s business. I have a talent for finding myself in the strangest yet most interesting of situations and no, my hair is not this blonde naturally.