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Come explore the Balkans with me!

Do you have an undying thirst for travel and adventure through lesser-explored lands? Do you love to have experiences more ”local” than “tourist trap” while on the road? Are you curious about visiting the beautifully mystifying region in Europe that is the BALKANS? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, then come along with me and a small crew of inquisitive world explorers on an unforgettable adventure through the former Yugoslavia and beyond!

As a seasoned trip guide and hardcore explorer with priceless personal and professional connections in the region, your experience on one of these tours will be unparalleled to anything else on offer out there at the moment – of this you can be sure. You can guarantee every tour to be unique as they were all inspired and handcrafted with personal travel experiences in mind – not based on “what the others are doing”. Judging by the past adventures I’ve organized including three successful trips through Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania in 2014, you can also throw all stereotypes of what you would imagine a “group tour” to be out the window. At the end of the day, the goal of these are to help people discover this part of the world with ease and to connect with locals and other travelers as friends on a trip – not to cram as many people on one tour as possible (the maximum group size is eight), skimp on itinerary details, or give you the overall feeling of being just another sheep in a herd in order to make a larger profit. I want you to fall in love with the Balkans as much as I have – the good, the bad, and the irresistibly wild – and the best way I see this happening is by personally taking you along on the same kind of trips I’d want (and have) independently organized for myself.

So what are you waiting for? Check out what’s currently on offer below and get in touch for more details (including a full itinerary, prices, etc) – or just to say hey because I do like to chat with all potential participants before any bookings are made. You might think you know what to expect from the Balkans, but you have no idea, and I can’t wait to be the one to show you around this absolutely magical part of the world.