My European To Do List

The Blonde Gypsy Ambition Tour: Mission Accomplished

This round-up of The Blonde Gypsy Ambition Tour is coming a bit late and my apologies for that. To be 100% honest, I was dealing with a travel burnout and […]

On My European To Do List…Greece

The fact that I haven’t been to Greece yet irritates me. I’ve brought it to the trip planning table so many times in the past 10 years, but it always […]

The Blonde Gypsy Ambition Tour

It was either go big or go home after my awesome trip through Finland so like Madonna circa 1990, I’m heading off on a huge blond(e) ambition tour of my […]

On My European To Do List…Slovenia

When I think about Slovenia, I think of a storybook land where knights and dragons roam the streets and princesses wave to you from castles in green pastures as you […]

On My European To Do List…La Palma

Nevermind the fact that I am only seven countries away from having visited all EU member states. Even if that happens within the next 7 months like I had originally […]

On My European To Do List…Finnish Lapland

Back in the day I was quite fine with only spending a couple hours in a place just to say “I’ve been there”, but how times have changed. I’d almost […]

On My European To Do List…Iceland

Just a Lone Ranger floating out there in the North Atlantic, Iceland is one of those mystic and mysterious places I’ve always wanted to visit. Though not officially part of […]

On My European To Do List…San Marino

San Marino “claims” to be the oldest state in Europe, but what does that even mean? Ricky Martin claimed he wasn’t gay for years and we all saw how that […]

On My European To Do List…Quebec?!

I already know what you are thinking and you are right: Quebec is not in Europe. After seeing a Travel Channel special on it though, I just feel like I […]

On My European To Do List…Northern Ireland

This is only the third installment of my “European To Do List” series and I have already started getting some complaints about my made up itineraries. Just to be clear, […]

On My European To Do List…Cyprus

Moving right along my list of countries that I still need to visit in Europe is Cyprus. For the record, this list is horizontal, not vertical, so pay no attention […]

On My European To Do List…Albania

I’ve been to a lot of countries in Europe, way more than I have posted about on this blog. There is something about this place that I just can’t get […]