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Straight Outta Compton: Things to Do in South Central

If you are a fan of N.W.A. or any other hardcore gangster rap groups like I am, you owe it to yourself to visit South Central at some point in […]

This Week on SHABL: Remembering All That’s Great About The Sunshine State

This week on Stop Having a Boring Life… Greetings SHABL, No, this isn’t Rob, it’s Larissa. Finally making an appearance here after weeks of silence. I’ve been up to a […]

How Key West, Florida Won Me Over

This past April I spent a long weekend down in Key West for my cousin’s wedding and I kind of fell for the place. That is surprising considering how skeptical […]

What I Miss About Living in New York

I just found out a friend of mine from California will be doing a program to get certified in teaching English in New York and I became insanely jealous. Why? […]

A Little New York City Fauxtography

New York and I go back to 2008 when I went for a 6 day vacation and ended up staying 6 months. It really is one of the coolest cities […]

Palm Springs: The Ultimate Chill Out Town

Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot I miss about living in California aside from my family and friends. People I meet in Sweden are generally shocked when I […]

A Little Miami Fauxtography

Good morning from Paris! It’s roughly 5am and I am ready to start my day. Too bad no one else is though so I guess I will just use this […]

This Week on SHABL: Taking a Ride on a Greyhound Bus – Orange County to San Francisco

This week on Stop Having a Boring Life… Hey SHABL, When you hear “Greyhound bus”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Ghetto? Shadiness? Halfway house on wheels? […]

Throwback Thursday: Hawaii 1984

I’ve been back in California for a couple weeks now and things have been kind of crazy to say the least. Lots of family obligations, lots of catching up to […]

A Little Los Angeles Fauxtography

I’m headed back to Los Angeles/Southern California for a few weeks which I am excited about but at the same time bummed because the weather is starting to turn amazing […]