A Suitecase & Stilettos — Megan is also based in Scandinavia (Norway) and writes about her travels through Europe and life as an expat. One of these days I am going to hitchhike to Oslo to hang with her.

Adventures of a GoodMan — Greg Goodman takes you on a virtual trip through photography, storytelling and multimedia.

Around the World in 80 Jobs — Turner is a sharp dude from the States who has worked his way around the world doing a variety of “interesting jobs” and writes about them along with other entertaining travel tales.

Backpacker Steve — the travel and videoblog of Steve from Hamburg, Germany geared towards budget travelers. Got a chance to travel around Northern Portugal with him and can testify – dude is a pro with the GoPro and knows how to travel on the cheap!

Backpacking Travel Blog — I always love a good travel love story which is why I love this blog. Sparks between Nomadic Samuel and Audrey That Backpacker are responsible for the birth of this backpacking travel blog that focuses on their travels around the world as a couple.

Backpacks and Bunkbeds — Neil is a guy from west London with quite an impressive travel portfolio AND a 9-5 job. His blog chronicles his travels, provides great tips for backpacking/hosteling (duh), and features some pretty awesome interviews with other travel bloggers.

Beers & Beans — Bethany and Randy are the power couple behind Beers & Beans who I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with at some 2012 travel functions in Europe. I kept hearing about the incredible photography on their blog before I even had a chance to check it out and once I did, I was smitten. Not surprisingly, they are HUGE on Pinterest – check them out!

Belize Adventure Blog — Lorenzo is a Belizean living in Canada and writes on all things Belize. His site has lots of great tips on where to go and on the best things to do when traveling through the country.

Cheryl Howard — Cheryl is a Canadian expat who quit her job, sold her home, and moved to Berlin. She writes on solo female travel, expat life, the cool cities she visits, street art, and is awesome at iPhoneography. Had lots of fun hanging with her in Portugal.

Expert Vagabond — Matthew Karsten’s adventure travel blog from around the world

Flashpacking Around the World — Craig & John are a married couple flashpacking their way around the world. What is flashpacking? Go read their travel blog and find out.

Gap Year Escape — one of the largest Gap Year blogs on the web that has been featured on Lonely Planet and STA Travel Buzz. Great resource for anyone looking to make a great escape, whether it’s on a break from university or from your career.

Imperator Travel – much respect to Cezar. He’s been to 88 countries, maybe even 89 or 90 by now, and has recently launched this English version of his wildly popular Romanian travel blog. Lots of good tips, photos and stories FOR DAYS.

Nomadik Nation — Ashlea and Diolis aim to have the dopest travel and culture blog on the world-wide web. I think they are well on their way.

Nomadic Samuel — Sam, like me, has no real epic story of breaking free from a cubicle but he does have some pretty epic stories from being on the road for the past 6 years. And photos, videos…He is a travel blogging dynamo.

Over Yonderlust — Erica and Shaun are childhood sweethearts who set off to travel the world together. Can’t think of anything sweeter than that. Their blog is a cool mix of punk rock adventure travel, hometown tourism (Austin, yo), and beautiful photography.

Seattles Travels — Seattle is a cool girl from Canada with a ridiculously good-looking travel blog and has a knack for taking incredible photos. She also likes geography and is part gypsy, so in other words, my kind of girl.

That Backpacker — Audrey is a cool Canadian chick currently teaching English in South Korea. Love her expat stories and love her hilarious “EngRish” photos even more.

The Bohemian Blog — Darmon Richter is a freelance writer who does an incredible job reporting reporting on some of the world’s most bizarre and unique places. Urban exporation and dark tourism are his specialties, both of which he has done a lot of in Eastern Europe and Asia (think Kazakhstan and North Korea).

The Most Alive — Ash Clark threw in his 9-5 to find a new “normal”. His blog documents his chasing of the things that make him most alive…

Yomadic—a long-term travel blog run by one of my favorite travel buddies. Nate’s a cool guy who has gone to some cool places and does a cool job reporting straight from the heart.  COOL. Also, “yo” is one of my favorite words in the English language.

Stop Having a Boring Life—I only read this blog because I write for the Solo Female column on there – you should go check it out. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Infinite amount of high-fives goes to the man behind the SHABL Empire…Rob. Without him I probably wouldn’t be here, indeed.