More Than Meatballs: An Introduction to Swedish Cuisine

Sweden isn’t exactly known for its culinary accomplishments, and to be honest, I never really knew much about traditional Swedish gastronomy other than Swedish meatballs and lingonberry, even after several […]

A Taste of California in Sweden

A majority of my friends in Sweden live down south in Malmö, so it was a no-brainer when it came time for me to decide which city I wanted to […]

Getting it Done in Gothenburg

Eat. Sleep. Write. Read. Watch Swedish Idol. My time in Gothenburg has been boring, but I have loved every second of it. It has been a perfect time to recover […]

Stockholm, Stockholm…Stockhome?

Hello, Stockholm. I have had my sights set on you for a while now. You were supposed to be my new home but now things have changed a little so […]

Malmöfestivalen: Biggest Party in Sweden?

It very well could be. Heard that Malmöfestivalen was one of the biggest parties in Sweden so of course I had to see for myself. The Öresund Bridge made my […]

Four Hours in Copenhagen

My next stop after London was supposed to be Stockholm via the glorious and glamorous Ryanair. Back in June, when I booked a one-way flight for only $40, I was […]