This Week on SHABL: A Story About Studying in Sweden

This week on Stop Having a Boring Life… Hej SHABL, Just thought it would be an appropriate time to tell you about my life as a student as the end […]


Watching Miike Snow at Malmöfestivalen

One of the coolest things about being in Malmö towards the end of August is Malmöfestivalen. It’s a huge festival/party that lasts a week with various activities and concerts happening […]


A Little Cambodia Fauxtography

It has been seven years since I was in Cambodia but the beauty of the country and its people are still fresh in my mind.  I was there for three […]


Hanging at Hampton Court Palace in London

This little throwback happened at the end of Summer 2011 when I flew from Odessa to spend a few sunny days in London as an early birthday present to myself. […]


This Week on SHABL: A Gypsy Sleepover in Valeni, Romania

This week on Stop Having a Boring Life… So-caress SHABL? Thought I’d stop with the layover talk for a while and tell you another one of my strange travel tales. […]


Don’t Tell Mom, I’ve Been Sleeping with Gypsies

And it’s not at all what you think. This is a photo essay from the time I ended up eating dinner and staying the night with a gypsy family in […]


A Little Miami Fauxtography

Good morning from Paris! It’s roughly 5am and I am ready to start my day. Too bad no one else is though so I guess I will just use this […]


Istanbul through an iPhone lens on Matador Trips

So I just realized that I have failed to mention anything about the trip I took to Istanbul last October aside from just saying that I went. That’s a pretty […]


What gear do I need to start: iVideography on Matador Goods

iPhoneography is my main squeeze, but iVideography is making it’s way into my world as well. It is such a perfect and productive way to kill a few hours when […]


A Little Prague Fauxtography

Hanging out in Prague is like hanging out inside a storybook. I still can’t get over how unbearably beautiful it was and seriously cannot wait to go back. Unedited, Prague […]


Transnistria Photo Essay on Europe & Me

I had another photo essay on Transnistria published in the latest Europe & Me, check it out:   Europe & Me is an online lifestyle magaine made for young Europeans […]


Balls Out at Baker Beach in San Francisco

While back in California, I decided it was time to make a trip up to San Francisco to visit my cousin who I haven’t seen in over 3 years. As […]

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Throwback Thursday: The Piano Man of Pripyat – Chernobyl

I know what you’re probably thinking…NOT ANOTHER CHERNOBYL POST! Or maybe not if this is the first time ever reading my blog. Either way, just thought it would be fitting […]


A Meeting of the Travel Minds in Copenhagen

Back in March I had my first ever travel blogger meet up in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m refusing to call it a “Tweet-up” because “Tweet ups” are for hardcore Twatterers and […]

Hawaii Crop Bigger

Throwback Thursday: Hawaii 1984

I’ve been back in California for a couple weeks now and things have been kind of crazy to say the least. Lots of family obligations, lots of catching up to […]


16 Hours in Malta

One time I was in Malta, see It was kind of random how I ended up there but I am happy it happened, nevertheless. When I was living in London, […]


Sounds from Lithuania: An Interview with Golden Parazyth

One of my favorite things about traveling is having exposure to new music. Of course the internet does wonders for spreading the stuff, but there is nothing more special in […]


Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania

Today’s throwback isn’t that old but who cares. It’s from when I was in Bucharest just a little less than 6 months ago and came face to face with Palatul […]


A Little Los Angeles Fauxtography

I’m headed back to Los Angeles/Southern California for a few weeks which I am excited about but at the same time bummed because the weather is starting to turn amazing […]


This Week on SHABL: Talking to Strangers…Breakfast with the Businessman from Moscow

This week on Stop Having a Boring Life… A couple weeks ago I talked about going with your gut in order to avoid bad or potentially life threatening situations when traveling; […]